Friday, June 20, 2014

DIY Stamps for Mixed-media art

Many mixed media artists are using stamps to add texture in their work.
 The other day, I went to Deserres, I saw many pretty ones. The  ones I like (kind of patterns big enough to go on my work) were expensive to me. 
 So, I was thinking of making something to add textures. Yes, I tried to cut flower shapes and added them before. 
Then, I found these foam sheets in my stash. Then I felt like I wanted to try something.
So, I draw  simple spirals on the foam with a blunt pencil. (I tried a knitting needle, but it was too sharp.) 

I used a paper punch to make holes on another sheet. I folded the sheet to punch circles all over it.
I tested them on the new piece I am working on.

Can you see the spirals on brown colour? The purple dots are made with my punched foam sheet. 
I am waiting for the paint to dry completely to take another photo. 
Since the DIY ones are unique and the pattern ideas are endless, I think, can try making more.
Do you make your own stamps and stencils? How you make them? 

 Bindu Designs